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Types and Uses of Garden Wire Fencing

There are many different types of garden wire fencing. There are also many reasons people use fencing around their gardens. Many people fence a garden to keep out animals such as rabbits or dogs. Others may want a fence for it's visual appeal. There are even uses for fencing such as giving vining plants a place to grow.

All fencing is made from some type of metal wire usually between 1/64 and 1/4 diameter. The metal may either be twisted together in some type of pattern or welded. Fencing can be made in a square pattern, rectangular, or even in an octagon shape such as chicken wire. Some wire fencing is even coated with plastic to prevent deterioration from weather or for visual appeal. Fencing heights range anywhere from 12 inches to as much as 7 feet. Most come in rolls ranging from a few feet to as much as a 1/4 mile long.

Garden Wire Fencing

The type of fencing to use is determined by what needs to be accomplished. If does no good to put a wire fence with squares 6 inches in diameter to keep rabbits out of your garden. Always match the use to the fence. It needs to be heavy enough and high enough to serve the purpose that is intended.

Fencing also needs to be properly installed. Posts should be installed according to manufacturers instructions to give the fencing proper support. Most wire fencing will also require some type of stretching to make look good and function as intended. Be sure to attach fencing to any posts with the proper fasteners to keep it from falling down. Any gates should also be affixed properly. An improperly hung gate will not only look bad but will compromise the effectiveness of your entire fence.

Most fencing materials are either coated with a rust inhibitor or are made from galvanized steel to prolong the life of the fence. Proper maintenance will also prolong the life of your fence. Check the entire length of the fence regularly to catch any damage quickly. Look for breaks, sagging sections or other damage. When caught promptly wire fencing can be easily repaired. If damage such as broken or sagging posts or breaks in the wire are not fixed in timely manner it can damage adjacent sections of fence and will eventually require either major repairs or can even destroy the effectiveness of the entire fence.

When properly installed and maintained, wire fencing is a useful and attractive part of your garden.

Garden Fence